You can see and simply understand  what types of Columns and footings are used for a single story and double story building construction.

There are different types of Columns and footings are used in a building construction 

But usually used this type of Column shown above the image.

This is a plan and sectional view of  sloped footing and column.

The footing wide is 1200mm or 4′ and the depth of footing is 1300mm or 4′ 4″ from GL.

And the wide of Column is 300mm or 1′.

IMG 20201006 224744
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And at bottom of footing have 75mm thick bricksoling, 150mm PCC You can see in the drawing

You have to used for footing Reinforcement at least 10mm dia of bar and Column Reinforcement 16mm dia of bar.

And concrete grade you have to use at least M15 for PCC, M20 for footing and M25 for Column.

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