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44’×35′ Simple House Design

Here in this content discussed 44 feet × 35 feet 4 Bhk a south facing simple house design. All the necessary details we have covered in this article which are the estimated cost of construction of this house making, all the dimensions and positioning of every components of this house plan.

Description of The Floor Plan

In this floor plan of 44 feet by 35 feet simple house design provided 4 bedroom With attached bathroom, 1 kitchen room, 1 Dining area, 1 living room, 1 staircase and 1 prayer room. And the total area of this house is 1540 sq.ft.

Simple House Design
Simple House Design
Simple House Design
Simple House Design


4 bed rooms we have adjusted in this floor plan of 44 feet by 35 plot area. Two bedrooms are at Western side and another two bed rooms are at Eastern side in this floor plan. All the bed rooms have out side natural views through the windows.

Dimensions of Bedrooms

All bedrooms are equal dimensions of 15 feet by 12 feet only inner to inner include attached bathroom of   6 feet by 5 feet.


1 kitchen is provided at the position of Northern side in this floor plan. This kitchen area is adjusted next to the dining area and having a out side natural view form kitchen room for comforting.

Dimensions of Kitchen

A suitable dimension of 11 feet 6 inches by 7 feet is provided for this kitchen room, you can get a proper space inside the kitchen.

Dining Area

1 dining area is positioned very next to the kitchen room and living hall. Dining area is also separate from the living area, and you can easily approach from all the direction to the dining area.

You can easily approach from all rooms to the dining area, and the capacity of  this dining area 10 people, you can dining together with your family.

Dimensions of Dining Area

I have adjusted a appropriate dimensions for this dining area of 13 feet 6 inches by 11 feet 6 inches and the total area is equal 155.25 sq.ft .

Living Space

Here in floor plan of simple house design of 44 feet by 35 feet provided a living area or guest room whatever you can use as.

The position of this living hall is next to the main entrance and through the living hall you can access to dining area. Living area is also separate from bed rooms to avoid noises from living hall.

Dimensions of Living Area

The total area of this living area is 138 sq.ft it’s length is 12 feet and width is 11 feet 6 inches.

Bath Room

All the bath rooms are attached with every bed room.

Dimensions of Bath Room

Every attached bath rooms are same dimensions of 6 feet by 5 feet. You can get adequate space inside the bath for water closet, shower and wash basin etc.

Prayer Room

Here in this simple house design we have provided one prayer room at position of in front of dining hall or beside the bed room.

Dimensions of Prayer Room

The dimensions of prayer room are 15 feet 5 inches by 8 feet 6 inches, total area is 131 sq.ft.


One staircase is also positioned in this floor plan, it’s at Western side or left side of the dining hall as well as beside the bed room you can see in the floor plan drawing.

Dimensions of Staircase

The total area of mumty room is 127 sq.ft. length is 15 feet and width is 8 feet 6 inches.
The step is 3 feet wide, the riser is 6 inches, step or going is 10 inches.

And the mid-land or half landing is 3 feet wide and the length of half landing is 8 feet 6 inches. Total nos of  steps are 20 nos.

Wall and Slab thickness

All the outer wall thickness is 10 inches and all the Partition wall thickness is 5 inches.
Slab thickness is 4 inches or 100 mm.

Door and window sizes

All the bed rooms door size are same of 3 feet wide and height is 7 feet. All the windows of bed room are same size of 3 feet wide and 4 feet height and the size of bathroom windows is 2 feet by 2 feet.

Also the main door or entrance door size is 4 feet wide and 7 feet height. Kitchen door size 2 feet 6 inches wide and 7 feet height and the  window size of kitchen room is 3 feet by 4 feet.


Materials Estimate

To construction of this simple house design the materials requirements are as follows:

✓ Bricks: The total number of bricks for making this house is required 26180 nos according to the modular size of brick.

But you can easily calculate how many bricks are required for your house construction by the formulas below.

Total nos of bricks = Volume of wall÷Volume of 1 brick.

* Here Volume of wall = length of wall × height of wall × thickness of the wall.

And, Volume of 1 brick= 8″×4″×4″ = 128 cubic inches or 0.074 cubic feet.

✓ Cement: For brick masonry work need 150 bags cement. For slab casting and others (lintel, chajja etc.) need 190 bags of 50 kgs bag. And for plastering (inside, outside) need 115 bags. Therefore, total = 150+190+115= 455 bags cement.

✓ Snad: Snad required for this total construction work 2772 cubic feet or 27.72 brass.

✓ Aggregate (stone): Total aggregate required for this whole construction work 2048 cubic feet or 20.48 brass.

✓ Steel: Total steel need for the whole construction work 2300 kgs. You can use 8 mm bar for slab, 12 mm or 16 mm bar for beam and 10 mm bar for staircase.

✓ Tiles: Total tiles required 1845 sq.ft .

Cost Estimate

The estimated cost of the construction can easily calculate by unit price of every materials at your location.

For Example,

Bricks = 26180 nos × 10 RS = 2,61,800 Rupees.

Cement = 455 bags × 300 RS = 1,36,500 Rupees.

Sand = 27.72 brass × 5000 RS = 1,38,600 Rupees.

Aggregate = 20.48 brass × 4500 RS = 92,160 Rupees.

Steel = 2300 kgs × 55 RS = 1,26,500 Rupees.

Tiles = 1845 SFT × 33 RS  = 60,885 Rupees.

# Total materials cost = 261800 + 136500 + 138600 + 92160 + 126500 + 60885 = 8,16,445 Rupees.

# Labour Cost = 6,57,800 Rupees.

# Other Cost (doors & windows, sanitary, plumbing, electrical, painting) = 6,75,300 Rupees.

Important Notes

All the estimated cost of this single floor simple house design is also vary of it’s unit price at your location, but all the estimates of materials given above is almost accurate.