Single Storey 4 Bhk House Plan

Single Storey 4 Bhk House Plan

A Single Storey 4 Bhk House Plan on a 1500-square-foot area. That means the land for the house is 50 feet long and 30 feet wide.

Here are the main details:

  • Bedrooms (4 Bhk): The plan has 4 bedrooms, each having the same size of 12 feet by 11 feet 3 inches, making them all equally spacious.
  • Kitchen: There’s one kitchen in the plan, and it measures 12 feet by 7 feet.
  • Common Bathroom: The house includes a common bathroom, and its size is 12 feet by 9 feet.
  • Dining Hall: The plan has a dining hall, which is 15 feet 2 inches long and 8 feet 6 inches wide.
  • Living Area: There’s a living area in the plan, and its dimensions are 8 feet 11 inches by 15 feet 2 inches.
  • Parking Area: A specific area is reserved for parking, and it measures 16 feet 4 inches by 9 feet 10 inches.
  • Staircase: The house has an L-shaped staircase that is 3 feet 6 inches wide.

In summary, this house plan is for a Single Storey 4 Bhk House Plan and includes 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a common bathroom, a dining hall, a living area, parking space, and an L-shaped staircase.

Single Storey 4 Bhk House Plan

Doors And Windows Size

In this single storey 4 Bhk house plan the main door size at main entrance is 4 feet × 7 feet, bedroom  door size 3 feet × 7 feet, kitchen door size 3 feet × 7 feet and bathroom door size 2 feet 6 inches × 7 feet.

And all the bedroom windows are same size of 3 feet × 4 feet, kitchen window size 3 feet × 4 feet, bathroom ventilation size 2 feet × 2 feet and others windows size 3 feet 6 inches × 4 feet.

Wall And Slab Thickness

All the main wall or outter wall thickness is 10 inches and all the partition wall or inner wall size is 5 inches. And slab thickness is 4 inches or 100 mm.


Material Estimate

✓ Bricks

Total bricks required 25500 nos for whole construction.

✓ Cement

Total cement required 596 bags for the whole construction work.

✓ Sand

Snad required 2700 cubic feet or 27 brass.

✓ Aggregate

Aggregate required 1995 cubic feet or 19.95 brass or almost 20 brass.

✓ Steel

Steel required 3337 kgs for whole construction work.

✓ Tiles

Tiles required 1950 sq. ft. for floor tilling only.

Cost Estimate

The total estimated cost is 13,50,000 to 15, 00000 rupees for this 30 feet by 50 feet house construction. It’s also vary on materials in different locations.

You can simply finding out the estimated cost of the construction of this single storey 4 Bhk house plan by multiplying the each estimated materials calculated above with unit price at your location.