26'X25' 1 Bedroom House Plan26'X25' 1 Bedroom House Plan

What Is 26’X25′ 1 Bedroom House Plan

The phrase “26’x25′ 1 Bedroom West Facing House Plan” provides specific details about a house blueprint or layout:

  1. 26’x25′: This indicates the dimensions of the house. The house’s length is 26 feet, and its width is 25 feet. These measurements provide the overall size or footprint of the house.
  2. 1 Bedroom: This means that the house plan includes only one designated bedroom. This bedroom could vary in size and may have an attached bathroom or other features.
  3. West Facing: This specifies the direction the house is oriented towards. In this case, the house’s main entrance or the front of the house is facing west. The direction a house faces can affect factors such as sunlight exposure, ventilation, and the layout of rooms within the house.

Overall, this description provides a basic outline of a house plan that includes one bedroom, measures 26 feet by 25 feet, and is designed to face west.

26'X25' 1 Bedroom House Plan | 1 Bedroom House Plan

Plan Features

Certainly! Here’s the information presented in a table format:

Bedroom1 No (12’ x 13’)
Kitchen11’9″ x 7’
Bath7’1″ x 7’1″
W/C3’6″ x 4’6″
Living14’8″ x 11’9″
Dining Area11’9″ x 10’
Staircase TypeL (Wide = 3’, Riser = 6”, Tread = 10”)
Wall Thickness5” or 125mm
Slab Thickness4” or 100mm

West Facing House Plan

1 Bedroom House Plan