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What is 1 BHK House Plan

A small house design provided 1 bed room, kitchen room, hall or living room is known as 1 Bhk house plan.

Description Of Floor plan

Here in this content we have described a 29 feet by 14 feet 1 Bhk house plan on plot area of 406 sq.ft. This is single storey house design, the plan provided 1 bed room, 1 kitchen room, 1 living cum dining hall and 1 bath room as well as staircase and verandah/corridor. This is a South facing small house design.

1bhk house plan
1bhk house plan
1bhk house plan
1bhk house plan

Bed Room

1 bed room is positioned at southern side in this floor plan and corridor from  main entrance is infront of this bed room.

In this bed room have two windows you can see the out side view directly through the windows.

Dimensions of Bedroom

Bed room dimensions are 11 feet by 10 feet, this is inner to inner dimensions.

You can easily place a double bed of 7 feet by 6 feet and others furnitures like table, chair and cabart etc.

Kitchen Room

One kitchen is positioned at infront of dining area or beside the bathroom. Inside the kitchen room you can get appropriate spaces for kitchen sets shelves, cabinets etc.

And also you can get proper ventilation through the window.

Dimensions of Kitchen

The dimensions of Kitchen are 8 feet 2 inches by 5 feet inner to inner and floor to ceiling height is 10 feet.


In this small house plan one bath room is positioned at northern side of this house or beside the kitchen room.

You can get access easily inside the bath room from all positions. And also you can get proper ventilation through the window of 2 feet by 2 feet.

Dimensions of Bathroom

The inner to inner dimensions of Bathroom are same as kitchen dimensions that is 8 feet 2 inches by 5 feet.

You can get the proper spaces inside the bathroom for all sanitary fittings like shower, bath tub, wash basin water closet, urinal basin etc.

Living Cum Dining Area

Here in this 1 Bhk house plan arranged a combined living and dining area in a short spaces.

The position of this living cum dining hall is infront of the kitchen or next to the stairscase and this is directly connected to the corridor from the main entrance.

Dimensions of Living & Dining Area

The dimensions of living cum dining area are
14 feet 3 inches by 5 feet 3 inches and height is 10 feet from floor to ceiling.

You can get sufficient spaces and you can dinner together 4 peoples. And you can get proper ventilation and get outside view through the window.


A L- shaped staircase is designed in this 1 Bhk house plan according to the short spaces. You can easily access from the main entrance or verandah/corridor.

Dimensions of Staircase

Width of the stairscase is 2 feet 6 inches steps height is 6 inches and the width of the thread is 10 inches. The height of bottom of the  mid-lan from floor level is 7 feet and total numbers of the steps are 20 nos from floor to slab top.


One verandah is positioned at just next to the main entrance or bed room in this 1 Bhk small house plan as you can get enter the house through the corridor directly to the living or dining hall. And one long window provided at this corridor that is why you can get proper ventilation.

Dimensions of Verandah/Corridor

The width of verandah or corridor is 2 feet 9 inches and length is 12 feet. You can get access easily and you can easily enter any furnitures inside the house through this corridor.

Slab and Wall Thickness

Slab thickness is 4 inches or 100 mm and wall thickness is 5 inches outer wall as well as inner wall or partition wall.

Doors And Windows

Bed room door size is 3 feet wide and height is 7 feet this a standard size of door. Kitchen door and bath room door size are same of 2 feet 6 inches.

And the main door size at main entrance is 2 feet 9 inches, this size is little bit lees but it’s adequate according to this house plan.

There is two windows in bed room of 3 feet wide and 4 feet height from the sill level, and  kitchen and living or dining room windows size are same as bed room of 3 feet wide and 4 feet height, one window is also provided in the bathroom of 2 feet by 2 feet and one long window is provided in corridor of 5 feet wide and 4 feet height.


Material Estimates

✓ Bricks
To construction this house required 6902 nos bricks.

✓ Cement
To construction this required 162 bags cement.

✓ Sand
Snad required 731 cubic feet or 7.31 brass for construction of 1 Bhk house of 406 sq.ft slab area.

✓ Aggregate
Aggregate required 536 cubic feet or 5.36 brass for full construction of this house.

✓ Steel
Total steel required 1136 kgs for construction of 1 Bhk house of 406 sq.ft area.

✓ Tiles
Tiles required 519 sq.ft for 406 sq.ft area.

Cost Estimates

This is very simple to calculate the cost of materials by multiplying the unit price of every materials at your location.

✓ Bricks
6902 nos × 10 RS = 69,020 Rupees.

✓ Cement
162 bags × 300 RS = 48,600 Rupees.

✓ Sand
7.31 brass × 4800 RS = 35,088 Rupees.

✓ Aggregate
5.36 brass × 5100 RS = 27,336 Rupees.

✓ Steel
1136 kgs × 48 RS = 54,528 Rupees.

✓ Tiles
519 SFT × 33 RS = 17,127 Rupees.

Total Materials Cost

69020 + 48600 + 35088 + 27336 + 54528 + 17127 = 2,51,699 Rupees.

Labour Cost

The labour cost vary on different location but approximately  1,25,849 Rupees.

Others Cost

In others cost include doors, windows, painting, plumbing, sanitary and electrical.
Total 2,15,400 Rupees.

Important note

All the unit prices are not fixed it’s depend on differents  location but all the estimates of materials are not depend on any location it’s almost fixed.