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Floor Plan Description

A simple and budget-friendly house with 2 bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen. The house is specifically sized at 22 feet by 45 feet, making a total area of 990 square feet. It faces the North direction.

  • Bedrooms (2 BHK): The house has 2 bedrooms, suitable for a small family. One could be the main bedroom, and the other might be a secondary bedroom.
  • Common Bathroom: There’s one shared bathroom for the occupants, which is practical for a two-bedroom home.
  • Kitchen: There’s a kitchen where cooking activities will happen. It may have specific design features based on the overall plan.
  • Dining Area: The house includes a space dedicated to meals, which could be part of an open design or a separate room.
  • Living Area: A place for relaxation and entertainment is included, likely to be a central space where family members gather.
  • Staircase: The design has stairs, suggesting the possibility of multiple levels, like a two-story structure, providing access to different floors.

More detailed explanations will be provided below, including floor plans, room dimensions, and other features, for a better understanding of the house design.

Low Budget Simple House Design


Here in this simple house design model provided 2 bedrooms at the position of southern side, two bedrooms are beside each other. You can easily approach to the bedroom from living and dining area through the 6 feet wide passage. And two windows have every bedroom through which you can proper ventilation from out side directly.

Dimensions Of Bedroom

Two bedrooms are same dimensions of 11 feet by 9 feet 11.5 inches inner to inner. You can get adequate space inside the room. And the height of the bedrooms is 10 feet from floor to ceiling.


One kitchen room is positioned at just next to the bedroom and attached to the dining hall. One window is provided in this kitchen for out side natural views.

Dimensions Of kitchen

The kitchen dimensions are 10 feet by 6 feet 6.5 inches inner to inner and height of the kitchen is 10 feet. You can get proper spaces inside the kitchen.

Bath Room

One common bathroom is positioned at the right side of the passage or it’s attached to the living room as well as bedroom. And Here in this bathroom one ventilation is provided at the right side and you can easily approach the bathroom from living hall, dining hall as well as bedroom.

Dimensions Of Bathroom

The dimensions of the bathroom are same as kitchen room’s dimensions that is 10 feet by 6 feet 6.5 inches and height is 10 feet. You can get adequate spaces inside the bathroom for bath-tub, wash basin water closet shower etc.

Living Hall

Living hall is positioned just next to the main entrance as well as beside the dining hall and one window of 5 feet wide and 4 feet height has in living hall.

Dimensions Of Living Hall

The length is 18 feet and width is 9 feet 11.5 inches, you can get adequate spaces in this living hall.

Dining Area

One dining area is positioned at infront of the kitchen room or beside the living hall. There is one partition wall between dining and living hall. And 4 feet by 4 feet one window is provided at left side for out side ventilation.

Dimensions Of Dining Area

The dimensions of dining area are same as living hall that is 18 feet length and width is 9 feet 11.5 inches and height is 10 feet  There is proper spaces in the dining area.


One L-shaped staircase is positioned at North-East side, you can approach to stairscase from dining area.

Dimensions Of Staircase

Width of the staircase is 3 feet, step is 10 inches and height of steps is 6 inches. And total numbers of steps are 20 nos, midland is 3 feet by 5 feet.

Wall and Slab Thickness

Main wall thickness is 10 inches and Partition wall thickness is 5 inches you can see in the floor plan. Slab thickness is 4 inches.


Material Estimate

✓ Bricks

Total numbers of bricks are required 16,830 nos for the construction of this low budget simple house design.

✓ Cement
Cement required 410 bags for the whole construction.

✓ Sand
Snad required 1782 cubic feet or 17.82 brass.

✓ Aggregate
Aggregate required  1336 cubic feet or 13.36 brass.

✓ Steel
Steel required 2673 kgs for the whole construction.

✓ Tiles
Tiles required 1287 SFT for floor tilling only.

Cost Estimate

To finding out the cost of the materials is very simple just multiplying the unit price of the materials in you location.

✓ Bricks
16830 nos × 10 RS = 168300 rupees.

✓ Cement
410 bags × 300 RS = 123000 rupees.

✓ Sand
17.82 brass × 4800 RS  = 85536 rupees.

✓ Aggregate
13.36 brass × 5100 RS = 68136 rupees.

✓ Steel
2673 kgs × 47 RS = 125631 rupees.

✓ Tiles
1287 SFT × 30 RS = 38610 rupees.

✓ Other Materials Cost
Other materials like doors, windows, painting, electrical, plumbing and sanitary. It’s almost 235000 rupees.

Total Materials Cost

168300 + 123000 + 85536 + 68136 + 125631 + 38610 + 235000 = 8,44,213 rupees.

Total Labor Cost

The labor cost almost 4, 00,000 rupees. It’s also little bit vary on location if you’re from rural area then this cost is less and if you’re from urban area then this cost is little bit more.

Important Notes

Here in this 2 bhk house plan all the estimation of materials are fixed almost but cost estimates are not fixed it’s depending on variety of unit price of materials in different locations.