What Is 25’x50′ 3 Bedroom House Plan

The term “25’x50′ 3 Bedroom West Facing House Plan” refers to the specifications of a house design.

Here’s a breakdown of what each component typically signifies:

  1. 25’x50′: This denotes the dimensions of the house. In this case, it suggests the house has a length of 25 feet and a width of 50 feet. These dimensions define the floor area available for construction.
  2. 3 Bedroom: This indicates the number of bedrooms in the house. A “3 Bedroom” house plan implies there are three separate rooms designated for use as bedrooms.
  3. West Facing: This signifies the orientation or direction in which the main entrance or the facade of the house is designed to face. In this case, a “West Facing” house plan means that the main entrance or the front of the house is oriented towards the west direction.

Overall, the description “25’x50′ 3 Bedroom House Plan” gives a basic idea of the size, the number of bedrooms, and the direction the house faces. House plans often include more details such as the layout of rooms, positioning of utilities, architectural design features, and more, but this summary provides a fundamental understanding of the primary attributes of the house design.

Plan Features

Bedroom3 Nos12’X13′, 12’X13′, 12’X10’5″
Dining Area110’x11′9″
Staircase TypeLWide=3′, Riser=6″, Thread=10″
Wall Thickness5″ or 125mm
Slab Thickness4″ or 100mm

West Facing House Plan

3 Bedroom House Plan