2BHK House Plan
2BHK House Plan 3d 23×30
2BHK House Plan 3d 23×30
2BHK House Plan 3d 23×30

 Here you can see a 2BHK House Plan of 23 feet by 30 feet.This is a South facing arc Shaped simple house design in plot area of 690 sq.ft.


The estimated costs of construction for this simple house design is 11 to 12 Lakh (approximately).


Bedroom: Here in this floor plan has two bedrooms one bedroom is in East-North side and another one is in South-East side according to vastu.


Dimensions: Bedroom dimensions are 12 feet×10 feet 11 inches. And 12 feet×10 feet.


Kitchen: Here in this simple house design has One Kitche room is also provided . It’s in Northern side in this plan and in front of dining space or beside the common bathroom  as you can see in floor plan.


Dimensions: The kitchen room dimensions are 9 feet 6 inches×6 feet.

Common Bathroom: Here in this 2BHK House Plan has one common bathroom at West-North side.And it’s positions left side of kitchen in this floor plan.


Dimensions: the common bathroom dimensions are 9 feet×6 feet as you can see in the floor plan.


Staircase: Here in this floor plan also provided a arc shaped Staircase as you can see in the floor plan drawing . It is in front of dining and living hall as well as next to the main entrance or gate.


Dimensions: In this simple house design the staircase dimensions are showing in the floor plan.Arc length is 23 inches and  2inches 6 feet is wide of this staircase, steps is 10 inches and riser is 6 inches and total no of steps from floor to slab is 20 nos.


Living and Dining: Living and dining hall is combined it’s in front of staircase and main gate.


Dimensions: the dimensions of living and dining room also are showing in the floor plan you can see 15 feet 11 inches×10 feet.


Wall thickness : Main wall thickness is 10 inches and  Partition wall thickness is 5 inches.


Slab thickness is 5 inches  or 125mm.


If you want to make a floor plan as per your plot size you can get the modified floor plan. And also get some 3d house plan you can contact us at : contact.rjmcivil@gmail.com

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