4bhk 20House 20Plan 201180 20sq. 20ft

Floor Plan Description

This is 4bhk south facing house plan of plot area of 1180 sq ft. In this plan we have provided a 6′ wide main entrance, 4 bedrooms of same dimensions of 11 ‘ x 13’, a dining space with living area you can see the all  dimensions in the floor plan drawing. And also arranged 2 kitchen of 8′ x 6′, 2 bathrooms of  4’4″ x 3’11”, 2 toilet of 3′ x 3’11” and staircase of 5′ wide.

1180 Sq Ft 4bhk South Facing House Plan

Wall And Slab Thickness

Here in this plan we have provided all walls of 5″ or 125 mm thickness, if want to modify the wall thickness then you can change to 10″ or 250 mm of all outer wall thickness.
Slab thickness is 4″ or 100 mm.

Column And Beam

Here in this 4bhk house plan we have provided total 16 nos column of 10″ x 10″ or 250 mm x 250 mm. Bar provided in the column of 12 mm vertical bar and 8 mm bar used for ties.
In beam we have provided main bar or horizontal bar of 12 mm dia and stirrups of 8 mm dia
All the stirrups and ties spacing is 6″ or 150 mm c/c in column and beam.


The wide of the staircase is 5′ you can see in the drawing and there is two way to go to roof from midland or halfland, here in this paln we have arranged a different type of staircase that’s looking very beautiful inside the side the house. All the dimensions are mentioned in the drawing, the wide of halfland is 3’6″, riser of 6″, thread of 10″ and total numbers of steps of risers are 20 nos.

Doors And Windows

All the bedrooms doors sizes are same of 3′ x 7′, kitchen door size are also same as bedrooms door size of 3′ x 7′ and bathroom & toilet doors sizes are 2’6″ x 7′.
We have provided 4 windows in 2 bedrooms 2 in each of 3′ x 4′ and 2 windows in 2 bedrooms 1 in each of 3′ x 4′, 2 windows in 2 kitchen 1 in each of 3′ x 4′, and also we have provided the ventilation fo 2′ x 2′ in  toilet.


Here’s the information presented in a table format for better clarity:

MaterialsQuantity/DetailsEstimated Cost (in INR)
Bricks13,000 bricks x ₹10₹130,000
Cement460 bags x ₹300₹138,000
Sand2006 cubic feet or 20.06 brass x ₹4500₹90,270
Aggregate1534 cubic feet or 15.34 brass x ₹5100₹78,234
Steel2596 kgs x ₹52₹134,992
Tiles1180 sq ft x ₹30₹35,400
Others Materials CostDoors, windows, sanitary, plumbing, electric, painting, etc.₹365,800
Labour CostsCost of labor for construction₹247,800

Total Estimated Cost: ₹12,20,496

Important Notes:

  • The estimated materials are approximate.
  • Prices for materials and labor may vary in different locations.