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What Is 50’X25′ 4 Bedroom House Plan

The term “50’X25′ 4 Bedroom West Facing House Plan” refers to a specific architectural layout and orientation for a house. Let’s break down what each element typically signifies:

  1. 50’X25′: This represents the dimensions of the house. In this case, the house plan is designed to cover an area of 50 feet in width by 25 feet in length. These dimensions outline the basic footprint or floor area that the house will occupy.
  2. 4 Bedroom: This indicates the number of bedrooms the house plan accommodates. In this context, the house is designed to have four separate bedrooms. The sizes and locations of these bedrooms would be outlined within the floor plan.
  3. West Facing: This refers to the orientation of the house in relation to the cardinal directions. A west-facing house implies that the main entrance or the front of the house is oriented towards the west direction. This can influence factors such as sunlight exposure, views from the house, and the layout of rooms to make the best use of daylight.

In essence, a “50’X25′ 4 Bedroom West Facing House Plan” describes a specific architectural design for a house that is 50 feet wide by 25 feet long, with 4 bedrooms, and a front entrance or main facade facing west. The detailed plan would include the layout of rooms, dimensions, and other architectural specifications for construction purposes.

Plan Features

Certainly! Here’s the information you provided in a table format:

Bedroom 112’ x 13′
Bedroom 212’ x 13′
Bedroom 312’ x 10’5”
Bedroom 412’ x 13′
Hall11’9” x 16’2”
Kitchen11’9” x 7’1”
Bathroom7’1” x 6’7”
W/C5’ x 4’
Living Area14’8” x 11’9”
Dining Space10’ x 11’9”
Staircase TypeU (wide=3′, Riser=6”, Thread=10”)
Wall&Slab Thickness5” or 125mm, 4″ or 100mm

This table format organizes the room names and their respective dimensions for easy reference.

West Facing House Plan

4 Bedroom House Plan