1200 sq.ft house plan
1200 sq.ft house plan
1200 sq.ft  house plan 3d floor plan
1200 sq.ft house plan

Here you can see how to make a 3bhk 1200 sq.ft. house plan.

Total estimated cost of construction for making of 1200 sq.ft. house plan is 12-13 lakh (approximately).

Estimated cost of materials is 10 to11 Lakh. (approximately).

And Labour and Other costs is 4 to 5 Lakh  (approximately).

Bedroom: In this plan provide 3 bedroom of dimensions of 12 feet×13 feet

2 bedrooms is in East side or in front of dining hall and also drawing/living hall

And another one is in West side you can see details in the plan.

Kitchen: Kitchen is provided in the southern side in this plan of the dimensions of 13 feet 5 inches×6 feet.

In front of Kithcen has open dining area and I the right side of Kithcen has common bathroom and left side of the kitchen has one bedroom of dimensions 12 feet ×13 feet.

Dining Area: Dining area is provided in front of Kithcen and at the middle of thee bedrooms

The dimensions of Dining area are 16 feet×5 feet 7 inches.

Bathroom: Bathroom is provided in this plan is is South-East side or in the right side of Kithcen room as well as attached or next to the bedroom you can check the plan for details.

The dimensions of the bathroom are 7 feet×12 feet.

Open Spaces Used as Living or Drawing: living cum drawing hall is provided is in front of bedroom as well as kitchen or at the mid positions in this plan provided only Open Spaces for living and drawing room.

The dimensions of living cum drawing room or Open Spaces are 11 feet×22 feet.

Staircase: Staircase is provided in front of main gate of the house as you can see.

This staircase is a double landing staircase.

The dimensions for this staircase area are.

Wide is 3′ steps is 10″ riser is 6″.

And total no of steps are 19 nos.

Wall and slab thicknessthe outer wall thickness is 10 feet or 250mm and inner or partition wall thickness is 5 feet or 125mm

Slab thickness is 5 feet or 125mm.

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