31'X35' 3 Bedroom South Facing House Plan31'X35' 3 Bedroom South Facing House Plan

31’X35′ 3 Bedroom South Facing House Plan

The description “31’x35′ 3 Bedroom South Facing House Plan” outlines a specific house plan with the following features:

  • Dimensions: The house plan refers to a structure that measures 31 feet in width and 35 feet in length. These dimensions represent the overall size or footprint of the house.
  • 3 Bedrooms: Similar to the previous description, this house layout includes three bedrooms. The placement, size, and design of these bedrooms can vary based on the specific plan.
  • South Facing: This term indicates that the primary orientation of the house is towards the south direction. A south-facing orientation often implies advantages such as ample sunlight and warmth throughout the day, especially in regions with a mild climate in the northern hemisphere.

In summary, this description provides basic information about the size, room layout, and orientation of the house. Notably, this house plan has a slightly wider width compared to the previous plan while maintaining the same length and south-facing orientation. Specific details regarding the interior arrangement, floor plan, amenities, etc., would typically be detailed in the architectural plans.

31'X35' 3 Bedroom South Facing House Plan

Plan Features

Bedroom3 Nos13’X13′, 13’X13′, 12’X12’
Staircase Type1Wide=3′, Riser=6″, Tread=10″
Wall Thickness5″ or 125mm
Slab Thickness4″ or 100mm

South Facing House Plan

3 Bedroom House Plan