15'x35' 1 Bedroom House Plan15'x35' 1 Bedroom House Plan

15’x35′ 1 Bedroom House Plan

The description “15’x35′ 1 Bedroom House Plan” provides basic information about the dimensions and layout of a house. Let’s break down what each part of the description means:

  • 15’x35′: This refers to the dimensions of the house. The symbol ‘ denotes feet, so the house is 15 feet wide by 35 feet long. It gives you an idea of the floor space the house covers.
  • 1 Bedroom: This indicates the number of bedrooms in the house. In this case, there is only one designated bedroom in the house plan. This suggests that the house is likely small or designed for a single person or a couple without the need for additional bedrooms.

Combining these details, the description outlines a relatively small house with a total area of 15 feet by 35 feet, featuring a single bedroom. This size might suggest a compact and efficient living space, suitable for individuals or a small family.

15'x35' 1 Bedroom House Plan

Plan Features

Staircase Type1Wide=3′, Riser=6″, Tread=10″
Wall Thickness5″ or 125mm
Slab Thickness4″ or 100mm

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